Warhammer Online Return of Reckoning grants extra PvP rewards during the Night of Murder event

Except it's 10 days of murder, but that doesn't roll off the tongue I guess


The Return of Reckoning rogue server for Warhammer Online is already full of PvP, but tomorrow, February 10th, heralds the return of the Night of Murder that offers up extra rewards for PvP slaughter. Just in case players needed extra reasons to brawl.

Players who want to take part are being asked to earn blessings from the Shrines of Khaine found in the RvR lakes of the world and take part in a special quest. Doing so will grant 50% more XP and Renown in the Khaine’s Embrace scenario, as well as extra rewards from completing event tasks and the chance for double war crest drops from PvP kills. In addition to the boosted RvR goodies, the Night of Murder introduces an infiltration mission that brings players into enemy cities during peacetime.

A number of handsome rewards are being offered for participants, including a new saddle for the Pegasus mount, a couple of new mounts, unique cosmetic skills, new cloaks, and the ability to purchase unique dyes at an event shop. The Night of Murder is actually a 10 day-long affair, running from February 10th to the 20th, but that just means more murder in spite of the event’s misnomer.

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