Albion Online grants free sub time ahead of Monday’s lengthy downtime


On Monday, Albion Online is gearing up for two big events: Patch 4 and preparations for the beta for the Asian server coming in March to support the burgeoning global playerbase. Sandbox Interactive is already warning players that it’ll cause significant downtime.

“We have a big announcement for you all – on Monday, February 13, we will be releasing Patch 4 and preparing our servers for the Albion East beta,” the studio says. “This is a complex task that involves both servers, so it will take some time to complete. Therefore, the maintenance will start at 10:00 UTC and is expected to last for at least 6 hours, but could potentially go longer. Please keep an eye on the announcements to stay informed.” That means the servers will go down around 5 a.m. EST and won’t be back until at least 11 a.m. EST.

Unlike other MMO companies that we won’t name and shame here, Sandbox is at least preparing compensation ahead of time too: a whole day of extra sub time.

“We know it’s a bummer to be unable to play for such a long time, especially if you have an active Premium account. That’s why, for anyone who has an active Premium account on February 13, we will compensate you with an extra day of Premium status.”

Do note that while the studio is “preparing” for the Albion East beta, the beta doesn’t actually start until February 20th, and it’ll be a closed beta for founder pack buyers.

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