Overwatch 2 deploys Season 3 and considers arcade adjustments


The third season to Blizzard’s popular Overwatch 2 deployed earlier this week with a number of hero balance changes and this weekend’s Valentine’s Day event. In a short letter to the community, the Game Director Aaron Keller vowed to keep an eye on character performance and to continue to tweak those on live prior to the mid-season patch.

The studio said that it’s looking to make some big changes to Overwatch 2’s arcade: “Short term we’re looking at reducing the number of cards, rolling some game modes together in a rotating queue or both. Long term could be the addition of new modes or possibly a change to the feature.”

Overwatch 2 recently nerfed the frequency of push maps to bring them in line with the rest of the rotation. It’s also running a One-Punch Man collaboration, which Keller says shouldn’t freak players out about such future collabs that are surely coming: “Our intent is to integrate other characters into Overwatch but not to replace our heroes.”

Source: Overwatch 2
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