Activision-Blizzard is stuck with Bobby Kotick if the FTC blocks Microsoft’s takeover


We noted last week that a lot of gamers who traditionally distrust the increasingly oligopolistic gaming market situation were still hoping to see Microsoft subsume Activision-Blizzard as it would be the only thing to finally topple the company’s CEO, Bobby Kotick, who threatened to have his own assistant murdered and suffered zero consequences. Why bring this up again? Well, Fox Business is reporting that Kotick, who gave a bizarre pair of xenophobia-baiting interviews stuffed with insults for regulators on various news outlets last week, is staying put if Microsoft’s ABK buyout doesn’t go through, essentially confirming what the industry already assumed.

Fox writes that its unnamed sources say that if the FTC manages to successfully waylay the buyout (as it is ostensibly trying to do), Kotick will “absolutely remain at the gaming giant to run the company,” which certainly sounds a bit like a threat. However, the same sources claim that Activision on the whole is confident that the deal will still happen.

The news comes just as Activision-Blizzard announced its plan to force more workers back into physical offices this spring.

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