Albion Online’s Beyond the Veil Patch 4 is live with ZH/IN language support and combat balancing


Yesterday saw a major planned outage for Albion Online as studio Sandbox Interactive pulled the servers offline for patch 4 and preparations for the Asian server beta. The game is back online now, with support for Chinese and Indonesian languages as well as a ton of perks and tweaks, including filtering options, trading UI slots, ambient sounds, crafting station improvements, city plot pricing, new character customization choices, economy tutorials, and a range of combat balance change to pretty much every combat skill.

“This patch mainly focuses on improving the feel and audiovisual feedback of several early-game items, to improve first impressions and bring some older items up to Albion’s modern standards. Most of these changes are not intended to address the current endgame meta, but rather to improve the foundation of Albion’s gameplay.”

Do note that premium accounts are getting an extra day of sub time for yesterday’s downtime. The Asian beta itself begins next week.

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