Destiny 2 plots adjustments to seasons, challenge, and activities to fight against perceived predictability


According to game director Joe Blackburn, Destiny 2 updates have become a bit too consistent, leading to the sense that updates are predictable and causing players to complain that they’re bored once they’ve hit the endgame. It’s those issues that Bungie intends to tackle and that are the subject of a lengthy dev blog that details what’s being done about it.

Changes will first begin with Lightfall’s Season of Defiance, primarily by way of removing needless currencies, improving seasonal activity rewards, and lowering vendor upgrades while making the ones that remain more potent. The following Season of the Deep promises more activities to take on, more new systems, and expansions of existing systems that the devs feel aren’t hitting the mark.

The blog then moves on to weapon crafting, which will see fewer craftable weapons overall and a host of adjustments to enhancing non-crafted weapons in order to ensure parity. As for crafted weapons, the need for Deepsight is going to be reeled back, while a later update will let players activate Deepsight on any craftable weapon they do not have the pattern for.

The next topic focuses on ideas to ramp up the game’s overall difficulty, which will involve tuning ability cooldowns, making enemies hit harder, nerfing gear-driven buffs (though Blackburn promises this won’t be “a big swing of the balance pendulum”), and continuing to keep enemy aggression high.

Additional plans for the so-called “year of Lightfall” include a wide swath of updates to Crucible, the addition of rotating exotic missions, a rebalancing of certain strikes, and additional social features like more global chat and an LFG tool. There aren’t too many firm timelines for all of these updates in the post, but it’s being made clear throughout that an avalanche of change is coming for the shooter this year.

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