Neverwinter elaborates on upcoming combat companion balancing and prepares another Siege event


Companion NPCs can be a pretty invaluable tool when making your way through the battles of Neverwinter, but it looks like those combat companions are due for a balance tuning, which has been elaborated on and explained in a developer blog.

According to the post, this will be a more comprehensive set of adjustments than previous ones, with a reduction in base damage and tweaks to certain damage dealing formulas to some of the top performing DPS companions. The post does explain that these adjustments aren’t necessarily a wholesale nerfing and goes out of its way to point out that top-tier companions will still do the best damage; they just won’t be “so far ahead of the pack as to invalidate the use of others.” Players can expect these companion updates when its next module goes live.

In other NW news, the game is preparing the return of the Siege of Neverwinter event tomorrow, February 16th, and the latest patch applies a couple of dungeon and mission tweaks and changes the costs of items in the Appointment Store.

sources: official forums, official site (1, 2)
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