Destiny 2 hypes up the features, characters, and setting of the Lightfall expansion in latest ‘vidoc’


Whether you call it a vidoc, a bigger trailer, or a video game infomercial, the devs of Destiny 2 are gearing up for the February 28th release of the Lightfall expansion by way of an all-encompassing “vidoc” for fans to ogle.

Calling this new video “all-encompassing” isn’t off the mark, as various members of the Bungie team talk about the stakes, the setting, the gear, and the finale of the light and darkness saga. It also goes over some of the development and creation of the Strand subclasses (and the fancy swinging and grappling effects all classes have), previews several locations within the city of Neomuna, briefs fans on the expansion’s roster of NPCs, and grants a preview of the new enemy group known as the Tormentors.

If you’re slavering at the chance to get in on the web-swinging neon city fun while fighting against a baddie whose head is a smokestack, you’ve got a new vidoc below to continue to whet your appetite.

source: YouTube
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