Closers continues to celebrate its fifth anniversary and announces plans for a mobile version


The five year anniversary celebration of Closers, which first kicked off in late January, is continuing on with a second round of festivities still available until February 22nd. Unless, of course, the party extends into a third round.[AL:Clo]

This most recent portion of anniversary cake brings extra goodies for clearing dungeons like boosters, boxes, and enhancement materials among other things, while there are still some ongoing goodies to snap up for logging in or accruing playtime, along with the option to make one character leap to max level. Meanwhile, the action MMO’s most recent patch has events for characters Wolfgang and Harpy and has adjusted certain buffs for the two characters.

In other Closers-adjacent news, reporting from MMO Culture states that developer Naddic Games is working on a mobile edition of the title known as Closers RT: New Order. Information about this new release and its gameplay were not elaborated upon, but it is projecting a release in Korea this year and will follow the adventures of a new team of Closers known as Hippogriff.

source: official site (1, 2, 3), MMO Culture
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