The Elder Scrolls Online previews Necrom’s Arcanist class in action in latest video


We’re still plucking out the juicy bits from IGN’s Fanfest trailerpalooza from last weekend (juicy to us and our readers, anyway), which brings us to the portion of the presentation that featured The Elder Scrolls Online and its overview of the Arcanist class that’s arriving with Necrom in June.

The new preview features combat lead Brian Wheeler reading a script about the Arcanist while in-game footage of its abilities run in b-roll. Wheeler points out that the Arcanist features skills that look both precise and otherworldly, and further points out that the class is tuned to work with any playstyle, calling it one of the MMORPG’s most versatile yet.

One such example of this versatility is how the use of the Crux resource can either increase damage, improve healing, or alter abilities wholesale depending on the situation. Finally, the video shows the Fatecarver ability, which sees the Arcanist open a book that fires a large channeled laser beam at foes.

More about the ESO Necrom chapter was included in our earlier coverage from ZOS’s 2023 showcase, and our own ESO columnist Justin digested those reveals shortly after; feel free to supplement the below video footage with those links if you’re looking for more Necrom goodness.

source: YouTube
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