Tower of Fantasy adds a whip-wielding card trick magician to the roster on February 23


The latest character coming to the shared world RPG Tower of Fantasy is bringing some of that ol’ razzle-dazzle. And a whip. Her name is Umi, a whip-cracking card trick-playing stage magician, and she’s the star of the show for the game’s latest update.

Umi uses a whip known as Mobius in order to build up power to engage Magic Time, which in turn lets her draw combinations of two different types of poker cards that cast a variety of devastating effects depending on the card pairs played. Additionally, she gains enhanced attack power when under the effects of her magic trick and becomes shielded when the magic trick effect ends; it looks like a bit of build-up that leads to a particularly nasty DPS window.

Umi’s arrival is the headliner of several events that will kick off, which will include Umi’s character and weapon banner on February 23rd, as well as a banner for Claudia on February 26th, a hide and seek event March 6th, and a spring dress gachapon event that’s on right now. Meanwhile the patch that added Umi has also updated the prize pool of the gachapon machine at Mirroria, issued several compensatory rewards, and applied a list of bug fixes.

sources: YouTube, official site (1, 2)
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