Lord of the Rings Online increases its virtue and legendary item cap, talks about ‘new work in Gondor’


In case you missed it — possibly because it wasn’t initially broadcast to all channels —¬†Lord of the Rings Online recently¬†increased both the virtue cap and the legendary item cap. This means that level 140 players can raise their virtues to 85 and their legendary items to level 485.

Standing Stone Games has also been engaging in a conversation with players about the importance and difficulty of revamping old zones, especially when there are different versions of the same area. This is germane to work being done for this year’s upcoming Gondor update.

“As we are looking towards new work in Gondor this year, Present Us is — at times — salty towards Past Us for the decisions we made with Minas Tirith, Pelennor, etc. And we are trying very hard to not make Future Us upset with us a few years down the road,” the studio said.

Source: LOTRO
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