Pantheon will test updates to crafting and gathering in this weekend’s pre-alpha


It may not be exciting, but Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has apparently made gobs of progress on infrastructure that is largely invisible to players. That’s the takeaway from the game’s February producer’s letter, in which Visionary Realms says it’s completed an overhaul of the game’s persistence server and architecture.

“As many of you know, we have spent a large amount of time focused on Pantheon’s various backend systems in order to make the network, data and server performance rock solid in preparation for Alpha testing,” the devs say. “As we look towards next month, we are excited to start shifting our engineering resources more fully onto game system development. As this shift occurs, we will start to see a much greater rate of development on game mechanics, similar to the progress we’ve seen on Crafting and Gathering this month.”

In fact, updates to crafting and gathering should be available in this weekend’s pre-alpha event, with new player models and polished animations on deck for the March 18th-19th pre-alpha session after that.

As usual, there’s plenty more to the newsletter, including a deep-dive of how the art team creates botanical elements for the game’s various environments.

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