RIFT kicks off Carnival of the Ascended in celebration of its 12th birthday


Go ahead and pinch yourself to check, but you’re not dreaming: Gamigo’s now done two good things for RIFT in the span of a single week after years of neglect and layoffs that have left just a skeleton crew keeping the game online.

Earlier this week, the studio announced that it’s granting all accounts 15 days of subscription play for free – new accounts and old – as long as they log in by March 8th.

And now, as of this morning, Gamigo is promoting the game’s 12th anniversary and the return of RIFT’s traditional Carnival event, with dailies, weeklies, and minigames.

“Grab your Carnival Mask and get ready to celebrate 12 years with us on RIFT. Beautiful decorations await you in all major cities! Go on weekly or daily quests within the next four weeks and get rewarded with Loot Bags, Mounts, and more! You can also collect Carnival Prize Tickets. These tickets are awarded for completing a Carnival Game. They can be redeemed in the World Event section of the RIFT Store for special prizes.”

Most of RIFT’s events have been on repeat for the last several years, and it doesn’t appear that this one has anything new, but at least it’s back and still running – and doing so when playing costs nothing. Fansite CADRIFT has a good lander page for getting your bearings on the events.

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