In development MMORPG BitCraft counts 752,000 pre-alpha test applicants


BitCraft is one of the multiple new games from new startup studios with long pedigrees (and huge bankrolls) that we’ve caught wind of in the last few years, and in spite of its name, it’s very much not some crypto scam. Indeed, it’s several years into legitimate development now, and as its pre-alpha marches onward, studio Clockwork Labs has published another set of questions and answers with its community. Notably:

  • This is a Unity game with a combo of procedural generation and manual environmental content.
  • Maps and player data are stored server side. “The world is finite but can be extended by adding additional land mass whenever the player density requires it.”
  • The pre-alpha apparently has no music or sound, but it’s incoming.
  • Some crafting resources will be native to specific locations in the game as a way to encourage regional trade.
  • Seasonal cycles aren’t on the agenda for pre-alpha.
  • The game will offer only the official server, not custom player servers.
  • The team is working on ships and crew mechanics, emotes, and craftable clothing, but it sounds very conceptual.

Finally, there’s a question about the pre-alphas themselves, as fans are understandably anxious to be let in to test.

“For reference and to understand why so many people have not been invited yet: We have been able to scale the tests considerably since we started. For the first test, we invited a few dozen testers, by now BitCraft can comfortably hold hundreds of testers and we will soon be ready to invite several thousand, but there are 752.000 applicants on our list.”

Source: Twitter
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