Ashes of Creation offers a deeper look at its updated UI elements and the steps taken to make them


Last month, Ashes of Creation did offer a look at some UI elements, but its last preview video was primarily about tank classes. This time around, its latest development video takes a far more involved look at UI updates and the steps taken to get there.

The stream brought in lead UI/UX designer Colby Marchi to head the discussion, where he talked about the style guide his team used, how they put together the inventory UI, iconography design, and features that players can expect of the UI.

To that last point, Marchi promises that there will be as much customization as possible in terms of scalability, HUD editing, and the ability to save and load UI profiles. It’s an extremely granular and in-depth overview, so followers of the game will likely want to take as much of the video below as they can.

source: YouTube
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