EVE Online players raised over $26K to benefit earthquake victims in Turkiye and Syria


A lot of malignant things can be assumed from the players of EVE Online, but let it not be said that they can’t be generous. The PLEX for Good campaign that CCP Games started at the beginning of February to benefit earthquake victims in Turkiye and Syria has wrapped up and saw fans of the spaceship sandbox raise just over $26K to help out charities assisting with disaster relief.

The money raised will be evenly split between Doctors Without Borders and Ahbap. The announcement lauds the efforts of players who participated in the campaign as well as CCP devs who put in their own personal donations to the pot. The post also notes several community events that were crafted around the campaign, including a weekend Pochven brawl, fleet events, and donations of rare memorabilia and Alliance Tournament prize ships.

“As ever, the EVE community has held firm to its core values of kindness and humanity,” the post heralds. “As before, the PLEX for GOOD campaign has shown that in addition to being a place of fun and adventure, New Eden brings amazing people together to do great things.”

For those who still would like to donate to the recovery effort, CCP has a list of links to charities like Ahbap and MSF, as well as to the Red Cross, UNICEF, and UNHCR.

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