New World answers community questions with its latest developer video


Do you want to hear the New World developers admit they screwed up? Because that’s the answer to the first question in the newest Forged in Aeternum video, which answers multiple community questions with game director Scot Lane, creative director David Verfaillie, and senior producer Katy Kaszynski. The very first question is about not offering balance updates for PvP for a long while, and Lane goes even further by stating that it was a mistake of not addressing combat balance in general for a long while due to being overly cautious.

The team also discusses pulling community feedback from a number of sources including Reddit and other social media (even though the official forums are the best place to post for visibility) and confirming that you can complete the season pass even if all you really want to do is fish all day instead of pushing endgame content. There are a lot of questions with varying degrees of politeness, but you can catch answers to them all in the full video just below.

Source: YouTube
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