Profane offers a look at new structures, a territory owning altar, and dev roadmap updates


Insane Studio has heralded Profane as an MMO about domination, territory holding, and PvP, but many of the previews out of the game have been mostly about everything else but PvP-specific mechanics as the title is built out. For those wondering where the PvP beef is, a recent Twitter thread serves some up as it highlights an altar needed for territory control.

According to the thread, plopping down an altar is a milestone event for a guild, as it effectively plants a flag in some ground and issues a domination zone and a protection zone around it. As one might expect from the name, a protection zone will protect buildings within it and let players erect walls, though those walls will not benefit from the protection zone’s effects. As for the domination zone, that basically is what determines things like the taxes others must pay to the guild and lets a guild put down unique structures like lumber mills, guard towers, and mines.

Speaking of structures, another development tweet thread takes a look at some of the work-in-progress structures and gatherable items that players might see as they move around the world, as well as visual updates like lighting, ambience, and depth of field effects.

Finally, the most recent roadmap update is sporting plenty of filled green bars, which is celebrated as an indicator that Profane is moving closer to an alpha state. Most of the focus right now is on mobs, NPCs, data persistence, and the aforementioned guild features.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), Reddit
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