TERA Console patch takes aim at ‘severe gold inflation’ that’s hitting the game


When is a canceled game not completely canceled? When the PC edition is put to rest but the console version continues to operate, of course. This is the strange state of existence for TERA Console, the PlayStation and Xbox version that is still chugging along in 2023 even after TERA was sunsetted on PC last year.

And in fact, TERA Console not only is approaching its fifth anniversary but just put out a new patch for its fans. The main thrust of this patch is to address an item that’s been causing “severe” gold inflation in the game.

“When we added Concentrated Ectoplasm, we wanted it to be a new source of gold,” the devs said. “However, the amount of gold supplied by the item was much larger than we expected, and the response to about gold inflation was delayed. Because of this, TERA is currently experiencing severe gold inflation. It’s been a lot late, but we can’t ignore it, so we’re going to apply special measures in April.”

The patch is also setting the board for Season 8 of its battle pass, which kicks off on March 10th, as well as makes some tweaks to the Reaper class and reorganizes dungeons.

Source: TERA Console
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