Post-Gamigo, X-LEGEND has big expansion plans for Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia


Back in December, Gamigo announced that it was closing down multiple MMOs on its roster, transferring some of them back to their original developers. Among those games were Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia, which were shuttled off to Taiwan-based developer X-LEGEND (who is also reviving Eden Eternal from a similar fate). After a bit of downtime and data-transfer buzz, the games opened back up in February, though as we noted at the time, the relaunches weren’t exactly smooth, as players reported server errors, login issues, and website bugs.

But X-LEGEND is forging onward in its effort to re-establish these two MMOs, and today, it posted a colloquial press release from “Senior Producer Andy” (Liu Andy is our best guess).

“In the first half of this year, we will continue to put more effort on updating the contents for Grand Fantasia and Aura Kingdom in order to provide a better gaming experience,” he writes. “We will continue to devote ourselves to game optimization and experience enhancement, and actively listen and respond to players’ feedback. We will also bring the latest game information and updates to players through our official website and community from time to time.”

That content includes what the company is calling a “new expansion” with a “brand-new gaming experience.” For Grand Fantasia, players can expect updates to sprite rune stones, sprite travel, new solo and reincarnation dungeons, new recipes, automatic alchemy, and “lightweight” level 1-30 beginner trails. Aura Kingdom’s expansion entails an “exclusive boy-sized class called Dragon Nunchaku,” two new exclusive maps, a new kitten of Gaia, more unlocks for level 10 and 15 awakening ranks, tweaks to the marriage system, more Sky Tower floors, and more.

X-LEGEND ends the letter with a tone that might actually be heartwarming after the games’ players were casually discarded by Gamigo: “Thank you again for your support and love. Welcome home, and see you in the game.”

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