Old School RuneScape tweaks Theatre of Blood entry level raid and digests feedback about a quest reward


Who wouldn’t want to enter someplace called the Theatre of Blood? It sounds super chill and inviting! If you were one of the Old School RuneScape players who wanted to practice this instance but felt it was still a bit too punishing, you’ll be happy to know that some of those have been eased for the entry mode version of the raid.

Adjustments made to the encounter include tweaks to player hit point scaling bonuses, unlimited attempts at the raid instead of just three, more supplies like extra bandages on a wipe, and the removal of failure costs. Bear in mind that these changes only apply to the practice version of the encounter, but then making entry mode a bit less painful for practice purposes is pretty much the point.

The patch has also added yet another list of Poll 78 updates, added more combat achievements related to the Phantom Muspah fight, and another list of general fixes and updates.

In other OSRS news, Jagex is once more posting a long and winding pondering related to the Ruinous Powers prayer book reward that’s planned to be in the loot pool for the upcoming Desert Treasure II quest line. The post details several of the player feedback points related to the item, offers a chart of its planned benefits as a result of said feedback, and asks player opinions about the item in that time-honored tradition of player polls.

source: official site (1, 2)
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