In-development MMO Quinfall floods Twitter with preview images and gameplay video


Ever since the Turkish MMO studio Vawraek Technology made its daring declaration of making “the biggest MMORPG universe in the world” in Quinfall (while also clarifying it won’t ask for player money before launch), the game’s official Twitter has been absolutely cranking out the imagery all through the month of February – and it doesn’t look like that train’s stopping anytime soon as we head through March.

Each successive image has been tied to some greater hints about the game’s world, with peeks at threatening but beautiful (at a distance) deserts, forests that are heavily realistic, an oppressive kingdom, and mysterious caves and ruins that tease dark magical power and treasure. Sprinkled within the preview image parade are questions about whether players like puzzles that link to a wider narrative and whether there’s a desire for towns to offer main story or side story content. Finally, there’s a quick showcase video where a mage defeats a threatening dragon with the power of sparkles (clearly powered by Unreal Engine).

Quinfall is available for wishlisting on Steam for those who are drawn in by all of the pretty pictures, where it notes a planned release date of sometime this year, which might draw even more skeptically raised eyebrows. Despite that, the Twitter feed clearly has a lot to show off.

source: Twitter
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