Path of Exile’s next patch continues piling on the Voidborn Reliquary items and preps for end-of-league events


It’s almost patch time for Path of Exile once again, and that means another patch notes preview that details what players can expect. We’re all used to this routine by now, I think.

This week’s patch is mostly about continuing to feed item options into the Voidborn Reliquary, with 400 more unique foiled items set to arrive. There are a few other targeted features that change the audio cue for losing certain resources, update the visuals for the Eater of Worlds’ Dash Slam, and apply a short list of fixes. Lastly, the patch is setting the table for the series of events that will close out the Sanctum league.

The patch is targeted to go live early this week, so it’s likely not going to take long for these tweaks to land in players’ hands, but in the meantime there are a few fresh notes to comb over.

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