Star Trek Online sends console players into the Bird Cage on March 14th

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It’s the maximum-security prison of the Terran Empire. It houses a prisoner that you, as a player, need to get out of there pronto. And it’s called the Bird Cage. Why? Because that lets Star Trek Online label it as such before it launches for console players on March 14th, and that’s just the sort of wacky humor the Terran Emperor enjoys. He’s just a fun-loving kind of dude! When he threatens to throw you in an agonizer booth in the Bird Cage for the rest of your life, just give him a saucy wave and a bashful, “Oh, you.”

As you can probably guess, this isn’t a very fun place even by prison standards (there are context clues, like “Terran Emperor” and “agonizer booth”), so you’re not going to have an easy time fighting your way through this TFO to rescue the high-value prisoner kept within. But you’re still going to need to head in, so look forward to running and gunning in the Bird Cage when the patch goes live for consoles on March 14th.

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