Final Fantasy XIV adds a new Deep Dungeon, new tribal quests, and new weapon enhancements with patch 6.35

That elephant won't bedazzle itself.

Saddle up, Warrior of Light, it’s time for moon antics in Final Fantasy XIV. Moon antics, as we all know, are antics you get up to on the moon. In this case, said antics involve the process of helping a bunch of very stupid rabbits with crafting needs in exchange for rewards. It’s part of the content added to the game with patch 6.35, and if you like crafting things for rabbits, you will be in… moon heaven. You can figure out what moon heaven is.

Those of you who are either not as fond of the aforementioned rabbit loop or just want to do other things will be able to enjoy exploring Eureka Orthos with the new patch, taking on a new set of Deep Dungeon challenges for leveling or just earning new weaponry. There are also new Hildibrand quests, new Manderville weapon enhancements, a new set of upgraded tools starting in the Crystarium… you get the idea. There’s a lot more to do this week with the arrival of 6.35, so get in there and start crafting, fighting, and gathering.

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