Tower of Fantasy’s latest patch brings a lineup of events and heralds a new character

Soon, you'll get to control TOF Paris Hilton


The latest patch for Tower of Fantasy doesn’t seem to have too much going on in it at first blush – it’s primarily full of events and gacha banners – but we do have to admit that the game’s upcoming Simulacrum addition appears to have more than enough personality to prop up this patch’s offerings.

On Thursday, March 9th, Hotta Studio will unfurl the banner for Fenrir, a rambunctious party and snack-loving performer with a pair of shiba inus (named Potato and Onion), some impressively swift attacks involving claws and a music visualizing paw print slam (yes seriously), and skills that attack or trap enemies with sound. The trailer below shows off her whole vibe as well as her in-combat actions, so strap yourselves in for that ride.

Other events in the patch include another set of login rewards, returning gacha banners for Nemesis and Tian Lang, a Race the Wind event, and the Sandsea Cyclone competition. A tweet with a calendar of events is also waiting below, while details of the events in question are linked above.

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube, Twitter
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