Black Desert PC confirms Morning Light’s March launch in Korea, preps a ‘gateway’ area for the expansion


Ever since the Land of the Morning Light expansion was first revealed during last year’s Calpheon Ball, many players of Black Desert on PC have been itching to know when it will land to the game officially. We are now that much closer to guessing a timetable thanks to a press release and a special Korean community livestream last weekend, which confirmed that the new expansion and new area will launch for Korean players in late March, with a western release planned shortly after.

The livestream in question was primarily to celebrate 3,000 days of BDO with screenshots, quizzes, and giveaways for Korean players, but the broadcast also saw producer Jaehee Kim confirm the Korean release timing and tease the addition of new trade activities. More details on what this involves are promised in a future GM notes posting.

In the meantime, the Land of the Morning Light’s looming arrival has already made an impact to the western version of the game, as this week’s patch renamed Port Ratt, aka the “gateway to the Land of the Morning Light,” to Nampo harbor. As one might expect, this location can’t be approached until the expansion goes live, but features at the former Port Ratt location have been relocated to Oquilla’s Eye. The rest of the patch otherwise expands spring seasonal fishing areas, adjusts some UI, and once again calls attention to seventh anniversary events.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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