Final Fantasy XIV and Puma are collaborating for a new line of shoes, shirts, and pants

Not featuring your boy, Titan4Lyfe


You might not think that Final Fantasy XIV wants to be Destiny 2, since the two games play differently and are made by different companies and have seemingly nothing in common. But it appears that in at least one way FFXIV does want to be that game because it has decided that the way forward for promotions is to engage in truly bizarre cross-promotional routines by partnering with athletic wear company Puma for an entire collaborative line. This is a real thing.

It has a trailer. Yes. There is a trailer which features absolutely nothing about FFXIV aside from the Meteor symbol and a cityscape. This actually happened.

Now, if you want a $70 pair of sweatpants with the Puma logo gussied up by vaguely Final Fantasy-esque art decorations, well, your buying habits are between you and anyone else in your household and this collection will provide you exactly what you want when it goes live on March 25th. For the rest of us… well, that is sure an approach. Marketing is a wild ride.

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