Frozen Flame previews its upcoming survival mode with cataclysmic events


With a closed alpha test starting tomorrow, early access MMO Frozen Flame is bound to be drawing some attention this season. While it has the eyeballs trained on the game, the studio is making the most of the opportunity to trumpet its upcoming survival mode that’s scheduled for this spring.

This survival mode sounds like it’ll have something for all playstyles: “It is going to be PvPvE mode where the players will side with one of the Orders and lead it to victory by participating in various activities, such as hunting deadly bosses.”

This mode will become available for both public and private servers, each of which can handle up to 50 players. The studio said that survival mode will see a “significantly expanded” game world, randomly shuffled islands, cataclysmic events, and a possible option to partially wipe out player progress.

The team also teased ongoing work on Frozen Flame’s campaign mode which will include new island types.

Source: Steam
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