V Rising names its May update patch Secrets of Gloomrot and talks up its ‘expansion-level’ features


Last month Stunlock Studios tried to spin a year-long content delay for the vampiric survival sandbox V Rising as a “free expansion” with features like multi-story castles, a spell school revamp complete with a jewel system for spells, a territory system, and legendary weapons among other things. That same drum is being beaten by the studio in this month’s dev update, which once more talks up the May content drop as an “expansion-level event and a wide-scale update of the complete current state of the game.”

The post heralds May’s update with a new name – Secrets of Gloomrot – along with a rundown of the previously noted updates as well as confirmation of the titular new zone’s addition, while the vast majority of the blog post talks up multi-story castle features like teleportation devices, a wide variety of aesthetic options like stair styles and custom lighting colors, and condensed building UI for ease of use, all to help make a castle as tall as three stories.

Secrets of Gloomrot is the first of V Rising’s three planned updates “for the foreseeable future,” with the second update “likely” to be the game’s full release and the third not detailed yet. Stunlock does promise that successive patches will “aim to improve the vampire experience, getting the game closer to our grand vision.”

All of this future update timing is still very much in the air – even the Gloomrot content feature set is asterisked as “features [the devs] plan to include” – but assuming all targets are hit, there are a lot of things arriving in a couple of months. Provided the declining playerbase can wait that long.

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