Closers kicks off a springtime event and opens up four new Beast King dungeons


Don’t let Closers’ recent series of tweets fool you; there’s more in terms of content other than opening your wallet. In fact, there’s a bunch of dungeons to take on in the action anime MMO and a few events to enjoy. By actually playing the game itself.

The headlining feature of this week’s patch is a series of four Beast King dungeons for players to take on, which award a series of Transformed Envy gear pieces and Beast King Extra gear with unique gimmicks attached. The dungeons also have their own events associated with them that offer up additional rewards.

Speaking of events, the spring season event is offering Forsythia Petal currencies that can be earned from target dungeons and then spent at a seasonal vending machine for a host of cosmetics and material bundles. The Beast King evens run until March 22nd while the spring event is available until April 12th.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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