Kickstarted MMO Past Fate previews the first 30 minute of its alpha gameplay experience


Did you happen to miss out on the earlier open alpha weekend of Past Fate? Maybe you forgot or you got busy or some other game release devoured your time; we get it. Luckily for folks like you, Icy North Games has 30 minutes of uninterrupted and unmolested alpha gameplay footage to dip your face in to. It’s basically an update to a similar video shared last year.

When we say “uninterrupted,” we really mean it, as the video takes place right after character creation and into the game’s opening experience as the alpha character and at least one other person follow the tutorial quests that lead them through combat with dummies and then undead, as well as a few additional side quests along the way. Regrettably, the in-game weather wasn’t very cooperative, so everything is kind of drab and grey on account of a rainstorm, but a bit of sunlight begins to work its way through near the end. Still, don’t expect a bright color palette.

As a refresher, Icy North Games describes Past Fate as an open world MMO where “player freedom is the key element.” Promised gameplay features include sailing ships across the seas, conquering territory, and wielding dark magic that’s stronger during the nighttime. The game was Kickstarted in 2020 for $25K while the game has been applying a steady but slow stream of patches to its alpha build. Consider the video footage below something of a culmination of those efforts, then.

source: YouTube
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