Capcom confirms open beta and launch for Exoprimal, release of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak to Xbox and PlayStation


Yesterday saw a pretty interesting livestream come out of Capcom – a Capcom Spotlight, if you will – which was full of game announcements, a couple of which fell into our neck of the woods, particularly news about the Sunbreak expansion for the multiplayer RPG Monster Hunter Rise and the multiplayer dino shooter Exoprimal.

We begin with the Sunbreak news and the expansion’s proliferation to a wider variety of platforms on Friday, April 28th. The game and all of its content up to Title Update 3 will land on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows (it’s already on Steam), PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4, while future free title update release details will be announced at a later time. Speaking of title updates, Steam and Nintendo Switch players can look forward to Title Update 5 in April.

As for Exoprimal – aka the one about dinosaurs raining from the sky – that also confirmed a release date of Friday, July 14th, for all consoles and PC via Steam, with pre-orders available now.

Before the shooter’s release, there will be an open beta test running between Thursday, March 16th, and Sunday, March 19th, which will include access to all 10 of the robo suits including two new ones and feature some new dino threats like an armored stegosaurus, packs of winged sinornithosaurs, and two mutant versions of the neosaur.

source: press release
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