APB Reloaded’s 2023 roadmap plans include hosting upgrades, anti-cheat and anti-griefing, and new features


The Herculean effort to drag APB: Reloaded kicking and screaming into the modern age is going to doggedly continue through this year if a 2023 roadmap has anything to say about it. The new post provides a significantly more in-depth look at the studio’s plans moving through the rest of the year, sprinkled in with some honest commentary from CEO Matt Scott.

The depth of this roadmap is primarily thanks to the 64-bit client launch last month, which has been well received by players and installed a sense of confidence in the devs to share more about their targets. “With the launch of APB: Reloaded’s 64-bit Upgrade, I feel like we have finally gotten our feet under us,” Scott writes. “The upgrade has been a huge surprise across the board.”

The roadmap then further drills down 2023 development plans, separated by priority. Among the highest priority features are installing anti-cheat measures, securing Epic Games services support, multi-world district servers, and better backend features like improved matchmaking and mission queueing. Other high priority features include anti-griefing measures like a “streamer mode,” an upgrade to the tutorial, and the integration of Vivox vocal comm tech.

Additional insight about the Reloaded project actually arrived in our very own comments from one of the game’s two full-time engineers, who expresses his own confidence in the team’s work, emphasizes Scott’s passion for the project, and contextualizes the size of the project versus the size of the Little Orbit studio. Since we’re big fans of games preservation here at MOP, let us say: Go get ’em, Hercules (and maybe nix all this).

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