Broken Ranks takes a closer look at upcoming legendary item tweaks and a new endgame instance


Players of Whitemoon Games’ tactical turn-based multiplayer RPG Broken Ranks have some new content just on the horizon, which fans might remember was detailed in a dev blog in January but has now gotten a progress report and further details.

The first highlight is a new modifier system for legendary gear, which will introduce slots that players can insert drif into for stat bonuses and benefits along with ways to upgrade and merge modifiers to make them more customizable. After this upcoming patch, more gear-related tweaks are planned, including an alternative to the game’s existing upgrade system, an “epics 2.0” rework, and more.

The other big tentpole attraction of the next update is a high-level endgame instance, two new quests, and a boss fight. The post plays coy here in order to not spoil any surprises, but it does mention that this upcoming instance does draw from old ideas when the game was first being developed. Players can expect this new instance and the legendary item update sometime in the first half of April.

sources: press release, official site
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