Black Desert PC starts the seventh anniversary afterparty and makes PvE tweaks to some of its classes


There has been a whole lot of seventh anniversary celebration going on in the PC version of Black Desert, but this week is seeing things wind down just a little bit with an afterparty event. Which is still a party, mind you, just a somewhat less intense one in comparison.

Specifically, players can earn up to 490 Cron Stones if they log in for seven days in a row between March 16th and March 29th, while a final anniversary hot time event will run from March 17th through the 27th with 700% combat XP and a 70% increase in life skill XP, item drop rates, and skill XP. Other new events are starting this week too, like free goodies for new players, a new Black Spirit’s Adventure board, and an event that involves nurturing a sapling.

As for the game’s weekly patch, much of that features a variety of class updates, particularly in the case of several PvE-minded adjustments Drakania, Maegu, Corsair, and Guardian, along with some improved movement for the Tamer and some damage buffs for the Archer. The patch also adds a ferry that runs between Iliya Island and Oquilla’s Eye, an Old Moon furniture workshop to Calpheon, and some other general tweaks.

source: official site (1, 2)
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