Corepunk devs answer 20 questions about NPC swearing, lack of item durability, and more


Artificial Core’s top-down fantasy/sci-fi hybrid emerged this week to follow up on the lengthy profession (and gameplay) video that the studio put out last month. Naturally, Corepunk fans had a lot of questions — 20, as a matter of fact — about the various systems in play, and the dev team was game to answer them.

Some of the topics covered included confirmation of social professions (such as cooking and, er, hitman), the special order system between players, resource stack size, why the studio is eschewing item durability, NPCs’ potty mouths, changes to the inventory system, mana depletion, and why harvested resources drop on the ground instead of going straight into inventory.

“We are now in the process of testing and balancing [systems], which means that a lot of things in terms of numbers and values might change towards beta testing,” Artificial Core said. “We are looking forward to this stage so we can collect a lot of your feedback and adjust all systems according to players’ gameplay experience.”

Source: Corepunk
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