Sea of Thieves grants a closer look at Season Nine’s mechanics and features in latest video


Who needs to read information when you can have another overproduced video instead? That’s probably what Sea of Thieves was thinking as it put out a Season Nine deep-dive video that grants players of the pirating sandbox a look at what’s coming when it arrives on March 16th.

One of the first highlights is the Chest of Fortune, which will initially be found at a Fort of Fortune location but will later move to different locations. Turning in this chest awards a lot of gold and rep for the Gold Hoarders as well as pieces for a unique ship cosmetic set. The new season will also see the Reaper’s Chest return, this time with a permanent beacon of light on it that will likely draw other players in to try to steal the chest, though those who successfully turn in these chests will unlock unique character cosmetics.

The update is also making a tweak to world events that will scale their difficulty against how many players are taking it on. Speaking of events, the ghost ship fleet battle will be coming back, though without Flameheart in the mix.

For those who are at Pirate Legend status, the new season will bring three new voyages that can be bought with doubloons that focus around things like finding black powder or cursed chests or finding a new Skull of Destiny that will make it easier to kick off a Fort of the Damned encounter.

Finally, Season Nine is promising a swath of quality-of-life updates like a volume slider for musical stings that indicate when a ship is hit, changes to Red Sea respawning, new seagulls that indicate where dropped loot is floating, the introduction of a fishing bait box, some harpoon gun improvements, and the ability to sell items directly from a collector’s chest.

source: YouTube
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