Gamigo hosts St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt across RIFT, Trove, and Fiesta Online’s social media


We learned a couple of new things today, thanks to Gamigo. First, we discovered that you can include little pictures as part of URLs, as evidenced by Gamigo’s Green Cloverleaf Quest page. And we also learned that the gaming group still considers RIFT important enough to invite to the party.

In honor of this week’s St. Patrick’s Day, Gamigo is hosting an out-of-game quest for all of its players. The company challenged fans to search the social media accounts of RIFT, Trove, Fiesta Online, and a couple of smaller titles to find a secret message. Those who uncover the message can submit it to a raffle.

The winners from this contest will get to pick a reward pack from the game of their choice. This includes shamrock-themed cosmetics in Fiesta and a huge chunk of credits in Trove and RIFT.

Source: RIFT
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