Redfall tries to sell players on its story beats in the shooter’s latest trailer


Shooters of many stripes have some pretty tenuous connections to telling a story, if we’re all very honest with ourselves. After all, who needs a narrative when you’re here to wield fun in-game weapons and turn digital enemies into meat confetti? However, the co-op looter shooter Redfall does want to weave a yarn, as evidenced by the game’s latest trailer.

“There’s a lot more to the charming island of Redfall than meets the eye.The scientists at Aevum HQ have been working on something world-shattering. People are going missing; there are dead bodies and blood everywhere; the sun has been eclipsed; and vampires rule the town. Were the vampires just an experiment gone horribly wrong or something far more disturbing? Who are the vampire gods? The only thing to know for sure is that everything is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.”

The trailer is just as much about Redfall’s setting as it is about its story, while also offering a quick peek at some of the more nefarious vampires threatening the titular island, with understated names like Bloody Tom and Miss Whisper. Naturally there are some gameplay peeks as well, just in case there were any worries that the shooter wouldn’t have shooting. You can witness the whole thing after the cut.

source: YouTube
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