Tiny MMO Book of Travels spins up a new beta server test environment, preview fishing


Early access tiny MMO Book of Travels is about to embark on a new leg of beta testing with a new test branch specifically intended to tackle the game’s memory consumption problems. According to the announcement made in Might and Delight’s Discord last night, folks willing to test on this new EU beta shard can access the beta through Steam.

“In terms of functionality and content, this isn’t any different from what you’re used to,” the studio says. “The difference from the retail version is all under the hood, and all we need is for players to populate this server branch and play it like you’d normally do – interact with NPC’s and each other, go on quests, explore the world, etc.”

The Kickstarted Book of Travels rolled into early access back in 2021, and unfortunately the “tiny MMO” turned out to be apt as its quirky style never garnered a large population, resulting in studio layoffs. As of last December, however, the company said its staff was back up to capacity and full steam ahead on development of the game.

In other Book news, the devs dropped a new video detailing the upcoming fishing update.

Source: Discord. Cheers, Kharl!
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