Lord of the Rings Online’s Return to Carn Dûm launches today with new dungeons and the Warden/Captain revamps


It’s patch day for Lord of the Rings Online, and update 35 is is no small patch: It’s Return to Carn Dûm, which rolls out a trio of dungeons and sets the stage for the upcoming raid.

“After suffering countless setbacks and defeats, the last remnants of the Iron Crown have returned to Carn Dûm, hoping to wield a lost artifact of the Witch-king of Angmar to win dominion over the Free Peoples of Middle-earth. Aid the Hill-men of the North and their allies in the fight to cast off the Iron Crown once and for all! This Update features 3 new Instances, and soon a new Raid, for Level 140 Players set in a re-imagined Carn Dûm! Players who wish to aid in the fight against the Iron Crown should travel to Bail Avarc in Angmar. Bail Avarc can be reached via the stable-masters at Esteldín, Gath Forthnír, and Rivendell. Bail Avarc can initially only be accessed via stable-master routes, but other options for Swift Travel are available for barter from the Stewards of the Iron-home.”

If you play… well, any class at all, and you do, but especially if you play a Captain or Warden, you will want to deep-dive the changes as those are the two classes getting a major rebalancing overhaul today. SSG has also recalculated how master and damage mods works, added new delvings, heavily revamped monster play, retools power mechanics, buffed healers, and… it’s a lot.

Do note that SSG acknowledges it’s “not possible to complete ‘Angmar Reborn, Chapter 4’ until the launch of the raid: Gwathrenost, the Witch-king’s Citadel.”

Expect the servers back by 2 p.m. EDT.

Source: Patch notes
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