MapleStory brings back playable Yeti and Pink Bean classes for a limited time in latest update


Over the past week,MapleStory has been talking up its Double Trouble Recharge update, particularly as it features the return of limited-time opportunities to play as Yeti and Pink Bean. These monstrous little beasts are now available in the game’s recent patch, along with a host of other events and content updates.

The Yeti and Pink Bean are playable by accessing the Super Yeti x Pink Bean World area, which is open between now and April 3rd for NA and EU players, though only one of each class can be created per region. The location has special rules; it lets players journey to level 200, which unlocks the Arcane River area. It also offers a list of quests to complete for rewards, gifts for figuring out a riddle, and an event-specific meso shop.

Other major portions of this patch include the addition of the Maple Chronicle that lets high level players replay classic quests, a host of job balance changes, a revamped UI for bosses, and numerous improvements for quests, items, and general quality-of-life. There are also several more events going on as well, like XP gains for simply standing idle, a guessing game, and a rock spirit growth event. All of these features are outlined in the patch notes.

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