Neverwinter asks players to stop the ‘a-bok-alypse’ once more with its returning April Fowls event


Life in Neverwinter is getting clucked up again as April Fools’ Day has descended on the titular city with the returning April Fowls event, which will run between Thursday, March 30th, to Thursday, April 13th.

Activities in this year’s affair are similar to previous ones as players can take up quests from Earl the Chickenmancer, square off in a 5v5 PvP Fight of the Fowls, and delve the Sewers Most Fowl dungeon to stop the “a-bok-alypse” and earn the Ring of Fowl Weather that summons a chicken tornado.

On the subject of rewards, new goodies are on offer from the event vendor like a fancy goose mount, a Giddy Gosling vanity pet, and a chicken-themed locket and belt that, when combined with the ring, offer a set bonus that grants a 10% chance of a giant chicken being summoned to attack a target every 20 seconds. There will be returning rewards as well such as last year’s zombie chicken mount, pets, and cosmetics.

source: official site (1, 2)
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