Old School RuneScape floats three new skill ideas: Shamanism, Taming, and Sailing


As promised, Jagex revealed three potential new skill lines for Old School RuneScape today. Considering that OSRS is extremely skill-based, opening up the game for a new line is a Big Deal. It’s bigger still that the community will be involved in voting on whether to go forward with one or none of these concepts.

The three pitches that the studio is putting out there are shamanism, sailing, and taming. Sailing will allow players to attain a ship and have fun with seafaring activities like searching for creatures, fishing spots, or exploration points. Taming foresees players befriending and leveling creatures in an “entirely different” way than summoning. Finally, Shamanism is more of a crafting skill that produces items from nature and spiritual components.

“The ideas we’re presenting here aren’t yet set in stone,” the developers said. “Any examples given in these pitches are simply to illustrate how concepts might work in-game. If you feel any of the examples given muddy the waters, or don’t feel right for the skill, please let us know – all your feedback is valuable!”

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