Palia continues to have no release date but thanks players for their support in a brief video


MMO fans who have been looking wistfully in the direction of Palia for word of the game opening its cozy universe to players are going to possibly be a little crestfallen by its latest video, which offers a little in-game message to fans that confirms there are still no release plans for the title currently.

“It’s been a minute, we know. We don’t have a release date if you’re wondering,” reads the video missive. “Making games is easy, right?! But we promise our team is hard at work and we just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.”

Replies to the video in the comments appear to be completely supportive, with followers of the project wishing the team at Singularity 6 the best and urging the studio to take its time in making the MMO. Meanwhile, the game’s Twitter account continues to ooze out little previews and tidbits, like an alpha tester’s screenshot and some brief details about how friends lists will work.

sources: YouTube, Twitter (1, 2)
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