Final Fantasy XI previews its smaller April version update


With the changing of producers from Akihiko Matsui to Yoji Fujito, Final Fantasy XI fans were told to expect that the game’s monthly version updates would get notably smaller. The first update in question is the April version update, and based on the preview that’s just been posted… yes, that’s smaller, all right. Players can look forward to the usual Ambuscade rotation with goblins and a shadow dragon fight, and some minor chat filter updates. And… that’s it! That’s all that’s in this particular update.

While the first impulse might be to turn the notes over in the hopes that there’s something on the back, this is not unheard of; players will have to wait a little longer for the next part of the Voracious Resurgence conclusion, and it’s certainly not the first small update the game has seen over the past several years. Still, if producer Yoji Fujito wanted to mollify player fears about updates getting significantly smaller, this update will not do that. It will probably do the exact opposite.

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