Grimdark MMOARPG Mad World is finally launching April 27


Jandisoft’s tease of an announcement for the announcement has finally come to fruition as this morning the studio revealed an April 27th launch date for MMOARPG Mad World – a little earlier than folks had anticipated, since Jandisoft had previously said only that it’d arrive by June. This hard date should give Diablo IV fans pining for their launch something to do in the meantime.

Founder pack players are also getting access a few days earlier than April 27th with their preorders; the earliest players can get in is the 22nd of April, though it’ll cost a minimum of 50 bucks. The smaller packs (minimum $10) grant access on April 24th.

“The date and time for official launch may change depending on the company situation,” Jandisoft says. “We will make an announcement in case the date and/or time for official launch changes. We will make an announcement in the future regarding the official launch time.” If you’re thinking that there’s no way the date will change when it’s only a month away, we remind you that the game was originally supposed to launch in 2018 and was delayed at least four times that we know of; the last time, Jandi insisted it was “99.9% confident” the game would make it out by the end of 2022. Still, this looks like it’s finally really happening.

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