Destiny 2 slightly reduces PvE content difficulty and greatly lowers commendation requirements


Back in February, Destiny 2 director Joe Blackburn pointed out how life in the shooter was going to get harder thanks to some difficulty tweaks. As it turns out, most people don’t like playing an FPS Soulslike, and so some minor changes were made in a hotfix.

The tweaks in question target freeroam activities in the Neomuna area and health scaling for a variety of instanced content. Changes include less orange health foes in Neomuna map activities, fewer respawns for turrets in Ahimsa Park, lowered health scaling for the Season 20 legendary exotic mission for two and three-player groups, and overall reduced health for a host of other instanced activities like battlegrounds, lost sectors, and nightfalls and campaign missions at legendary and master difficulties.

In addition to difficulty tweaks, the weekly commendation challenge requirements have been bonked with a nerf hammer: Players now need only five commendations for Hawthorne’s weekly challenge instead of 20, commendation requirements for Guardian ranks seven, eight, and nine were reeled back, and Guardian rank objectives related to commendations in those three ranks were removed entirely.

The game’s weekly newsletter further contextualizes some of these tweaks, noting that HP scaling for non-raid/dungeon legend and master activities was reduced by 10%. The newsletter also takes a deep-dive into mid-season weapon changes that are coming up soon, which will touch a wide assortment of weapon archetypes and specific exotics.

source: official site (1, 2), cheers Danny!
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